Inclusion translator in the north of Cologne

Our counseling service for parents of children with
disabilities and for parents whose child is at risk of
becoming disabled.

Sponsored by
RheinenergieStiftung Familie

Dear parents,

does this sound familiar to you?

Perhaps you observe that “something is wrong” with your child? That he or she is behaving “differently” somehow?
Or you have received the unexpected diagnosis that your child has an impairment and now you don’t know what that means?
Are you wondering who can help you and your child?
Or your child is having difficulty at daycare or school, and is not doing well there?
Do you feel that caring for your baby or child is taking a toll on you and putting a strain on you and family life?
Do you lack the time to take care of possible examinations, applications and aids?
Are you looking for opportunities to do something with your child in your free time

Together with you and your child we will find answers to your questions!

We support you in

  • understanding information about your child,
  • starting the right steps
  • sending applications to the appropriate agencies,
  • getting help for medical, therapeutic and other questions,
  • managing everyday life with your child well,

so that your child can get along well at daycare, at school, and in his or her free time and partake in everything with joy.



We cordially invite you to our consultation in German language

  • thursdays from 15.00 to 18.00 o’clock
  • or by appointment

in Florenzer Straße 20, 50765 Köln, 4th floor.


at various locations in the Chorweiler district.

Please contact us in any case to make an appointment:

By phone you can reach us at 0221.700 6520,

by e-mail at the address inklusion@kindernoete.de.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Our offer is free of charge for you.


Here you can find us:


Kindernöte e.V.

Florenzer Straße 20

Kath. Familienzentrum
Hl. Johannes XXIII.
Taborplatz 7

Gemeinschaftsgrundschule /
Merianstraße 7 – 9

Gemeinschaftsgrundschule /
Riphahnstraße 40 a

Städtische Förderschule
Soldiner Straße 68

Kindernöte e.V.
Florenzer Straße 20
50765 Köln

0221.700 65 20
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IBAN DE09 3702 0500 0007 0315 00